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Demon Hunter and Baby


Her boss is a fairy, her ex-lover is a Knight Templar, and she spends her days fighting the demons that plague London’s streets.  But what’s really complicating Aisling McKay’s life is being a single mother to a nine-month-old baby girl.

Ever since the End Times, magic has been leaking into our world.  Magic and demons, shadowy beings that possess humans’ bodies and destroy their souls.  The Monastic Order of the Knights Templar have revealed themselves to the world as guardians and defenders of the veil between the demon world and ours.  But the Templar Order is growing weaker, and the veil is starting to shred and tear.  Often all that stands between humans and complete demonic possession are professional demon fighters, Hunters like Aisling McKay.

Aisling already has enough to handle between her day job, her (very unplanned) baby daughter, Willow—and avoiding Kieran, Willow’s father and a Templar Knight.  But now a new danger is abroad in London—and facing it will set Aisling on a collision course with the past she thought she’d escaped for good.

Demon Hunter and Baby is the first of a planned series that will send Aisling on a desperate search back into her own past … and will lead her to long-buried truths that will shake the foundations of everything she believes.  Truths that have the potential either to save or to utterly destroy the human world.

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